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In time you will see more product categories being added to include Baby categories, Home categories, Garden categories and Party categories to name a few.

We also appreciate any feedback from our customers or prospective customers as to what product lines you would like to see CLC Imports carry for your convenience.


Our aim is to set up retailers especially in country area’s or in towns and cities that do not have any major Christmas Light retail presence so the people in these area’s who love Christmas Lights can purchase them from a local retailer who will have a pop up Christmas Light section from October to December each year.

We are at present finalizing details of this wonderful opportunity and are seeking levels of interest from retailers who would be interested.

In brief the Retailer would have a small clear space in their store as a minimum to display some Christmas Light products where their customers can view the lights on display and place an order with the retailer.

The consumer can also view Christmas Light products on our website and can place an order in store with the local retailer.

The local retailer would than place the customers orders with CLC Imports and we will ship the orders back to the local retailer where their customers can pick up and pay for their orders.

If the retailer has some additional room in their store than the retailer can keep some stock on hand if they wish.

Please complete the Contact Form on the right if you are interested in receiving more information on this unique opportunity to add to your income stream.